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Open Wounds

“These Photos are part of a long-term project documenting the sacrifices of Kurdish Peshmerga in the fight to put down ISIS.” The project has taken me to the provinces of Iraqi Kurdistan. Speaking with several hundred Peshmerga, taking intimate portraits of the wounded fighters, their families, and documenting both the stories in the battle and their ongoing struggles to navigate post-conflict life.…
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Afghan Asylum Seekers in Iran

Afghanistan has recorded the world’s most prolonged armed conflict in the last 150 years. Two generations have been born into war and have lived during war without being able to imagine a peaceful future. The only thing most Afghans remember is seeing their towns and country, as a whole, being passed around among different groups and belligerent countries. They see that the endless cycle of war has only led to…


Middle East Images Archive



Middle East Images photographers have had their work showcased in selected digital and print media and online sources. Please check back soon for the latest updates.
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For three years, Middle East Images has been holding photography workshops for refugee and underprivileged communities in the hardest hit areas.
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MEI is now accepting submissions of long-Term, documentary projects to be considered for exclusive Middle east distribution. All submissions should be emailed to …
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