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Religions in Iran

The official state religion in Iran is Islam, to be specific the Shiite branch of Islam which consists of roughly more than 90% of the population. Less than 10% identify as Sunni and Sufi sects of Islam. Zoroastrianism, Christianity and Judaism are protected and recognized by the Iranian officials, and have seats and representatives in the Iranian Parliament. The Jewish community in Iran is the second largest,…
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Afghan Asylum Seekers in Iran

Afghanistan has recorded the world’s most prolonged armed conflict in the last 150 years. Two generations have been born into war and have lived during war without being able to imagine a peaceful future. The only thing most Afghans remember is seeing their towns and country, as a whole, being passed around among different groups and belligerent countries. They see that the endless cycle of war has only led to…


Middle East Images Archive



Middle East Images photographers have had their work showcased in selected digital and print media and online sources. Please check back soon for the latest updates.
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For three years, Middle East Images has been holding photography workshops for refugee and underprivileged communities in the hardest hit areas.
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MEI is now accepting submissions of long-Term, documentary projects to be considered for exclusive Middle east distribution. All submissions should be emailed to …
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